Ann Taylor

Content Creator

Hi everyone, I’ve been in the marketing and IT world for over 10 years, half of which in WordPress. I’ve been exposed to various experiences related to digital software, from understanding client needs by answering their questions daily to testing software myself and writing detailed reviews, comparisons, and tutorials.

Love to get my hands dirty

I love to test software out to formulate my own observations and draw conclusions.

Meticulous and doubtful

The devil is in the details. As another saying goes, it is from doubt that knowledge is born. I combine these two principles when reviewing another plugin to provide readers with maximum unbiased opinion about what they will probably spend their money on.

Know how to get to Friday

It took me really a lot of time and figuring-out to learn the hard-truth-life difference between planning and the planning fallacy, but I’ve learned to navigate deadlines.

Recent works

My Biography

Support engineer at Site2you

I started my journey by witnessing how the custom-made website builder experiences its successes and failures. It gave me a lot of first-hand insights into the project management specifics, customer care, and marketing.


QA engineer at DeFrozo

I learned to work very closely on the software features, at the same time participating in the marketing activities of the start-up.

Mobile app copywriter at LocoGames

I had nice experience making up magic stories for games and optimizing them for Google Play SEO.

2016 – 2023

Copywriter at MotoPress

I’ve been writing for MotoPress and other WordPress projects on topics ranging from software reviews and tutorials to customer-oriented research and reviews.

WordCamps Europe

When you start your journey with WordPress, WordCamp conferences become a very pleasant part of your life. I was proud to be part of presenting MotoPress at WCEU 2023 in Athens.

2019 – 2023

I worked with small start-ups, solopreneur-run blogs, and gigantic marketplaces

That’s why I feel I’ve been having a very multifaceted experience. I have written book reviews for solopreneur-run blogs, helped promote mobile apps on mobile app marketplaces, collaborated with popular graphic design companies like VistaCreate, worked as a support engineer, and contributed to numerous WordPress blogs with reviews, analytics, and tutorial posts about plugins, themes, social media, marketing, to name a few fields. I always strive to combine work on different projects, as I find the synthesis of experiences very helpful for my copywriting routines.



Course “WordPress Copywriting: Advanced Technical Level”

In February 2023, Motopress CEO Alexander Matienko held a technical literacy course for copywriters. It dealt with in-depth study of technical aspects of website creation. Special attention was paid to WordPress.

“Copywriting in Web Design” – a course from MasterBandles Marketplace

An advanced level of knowledge that a copywriter working with designers and visual information should have. The course dealt with the peculiarities of research in the niche of web and graphic design. A lot of applied studies and competitor analyses. The course resulted in a more advanced understanding of how web design, colour schemes, navigation and typography work. Which visual elements play a crucial role in UI/UX user behaviour.

Get in touch

Glad to make new professional acquaintances! Write to me at any time. Especially if the letter is related to WordPress themes, technologies and website creation 🙂